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The first #MedTech Meetup is over

November 27, 2019 admin 0 Comments

The first #MedTech Meetup is over

The first #MedTech Meetup is over. The event took place yesterday in the building of the Main Key Hereditary Adit at Karol Miarka 8 in Zabrze. We would like to thank the experts who shared their rich experience with the participants:

✔ Michał Zembala, MD, Silesian Centre for Heart Diseases in Zabrze / “Mechanical heart – better than your own?

✔ Ireneusz Plaza, founder of Telemedycyna Polska SA, founder and CEO of Telemedical Innovations Sp. z o.o. / “Development of a telemedical start-up based on the example of Telemedycyna Polska and Telemedical Innovations”

✔ Prof. Przemysław Zbierowski from King’s College London and EU in Katowice.